FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it helpful to be flexible regarding the dates and destination of my conference?

We are generally able to find a better range of offers for you if the dates of your event are flexible. Hotels advertise attractive prices for specific times of the year and at certain destinations. It makes sense to consider these offers when planning your conference.

How does Hunfeld Services earns its commission?

Our services to find and contact a suitable location for your event or groups are free of charge. Hunfeld Services receives a commission from the venue owner after the successful conclusion of your event.

Do I pay higher prices because of your work as a go-between?

No. Due to the volume of bookings we make, our agency is generally able to negotiate highly competitive prices.

How do you know all these venues / hotels throughout the world?

Miriam Hunfeld, the Director of Hunfeld Services, has been working in the hotel and travel business since 1990, and has gathered a wide range of experience in different countries. Hunfeld Services enjoys an international network of partner agencies who support the business locally.

Do I have to sign a contract with Hunfeld Services in order to use your services?

No – just provide us with the dates of your upcoming event by email or phone. You don’t have to fill out any complicated online forms or phone expensive service numbers.

We create a profile of your particular needs using the data supplied. Once you have given us the green light, we start looking for the perfect location.

We will discuss all the various details with you up to the final signing of the contract with the venue.

Is it possible to organise on-site inspections and familiarisation trips?

If desired we are more than happy to organise a trip for you to inspect a potential location. Or, we can carry out our own inspection for your convenience, for a fee.

Regular clients can also take part in info trips that are frequently offered by hotels or venues. Thus for a small (or no) charge you can get to know a new hotel or venue that may be suitable for your conference.

How long do I have to wait to receive an offer from you?

Normally we will get back to you within 24 hours. The speed of reply depends on whether venues / hotels have to check availability or review other conditions before giving us their offer.

Who would represent my company at trade fairs?

Our Director will personally represent your company. As a graduate in business administration she has many years’ experience in marketing and sales in various countries. She can speak fluent Spanish, German and English and also possesses a good understanding of Italian and French.

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